Remove Viruses

Prevention of viruses and malware is better than to remove viruses. Its advisable for all Windows users to regularly run updated antivirus software.

Breeze Computers can offer your business a number of solutions that prevent viruses/spyware entering your computers.

Do you already have a virus, malware or spyware on your computer or portable media? We are able to remove all viruses/spyware from your systems.

Removing malware and viruses can be done in several ways. The best method depends from case to case and has to be figured out with a diagnostic.

  • Running a full scan with an updated antivirus or anti-malware software e.g. Windows Defender or Malwarebytes
  • Manually removing entries in the windows registry and malicious files on PC
  • Restoring windows to an earlier date which did not have viruses yet
  • A complete reinstall of windows, programs and files

Another important way to prevent viruses is NOT to click on the fake pop ups that look like legit antivirus programs or PC cleaners etc. If you know you have a trust worthy, functional antivirus software, you should never need to click on any fake button like the following even though it looks so real. remove viruses fake