Maui Mac Repair

Have you ever heard, Macs don’t break. That is simply not true. We at Breeze Computers do over 50 percent local Maui mac repair, compared to pc repair. Granted, Macs break less on their own but a mishap can happen to all of us. Since it’s introduction in 2006, the 13 inch Macbook pro has been our number one “patient”. Broken screens or liquid damaged motherboards are some of the most common issues. Typically, a Mac has a higher used value and is therefore more worth it to repair compared to a PC.

maui mac repair

Additional local Maui Mac repair issues are the following:

  • Upgrading RAM memory
  • Upgrading hard drive to a larger size
  • Upgrading hard drive to a much faster SSD drive
  • Replacing optical drive with additional HD
  • Replacing keyboard
  • Replacing motherboard
  • Replacing glass on screen or complete screen
  • repairing graphics card on iMac
  • Replacing charging port
  • Replacing battery
  • Updating OSX
  • Installing Windows on a Mac

Yes, you read correctly. Since the introduction of Intel chips on Macs installing Windows has been possible using Apple’s own Boot Camp software. Another way to run Windows on a Mac is by using Paralells. It allows Windows to run in Mac OSX, which is beneficial if you switch between OS’s a lot.

You can put your Mac serial number into and get detailed information about it. Based on this information we can give you an estimate on the repair cost. Please fill out the contact form with the Mac serial number in the description.