PC Repair

Maui PC repairIt does not matter if you use your Windows computer for work, play or both. You depend on your PC whether it be a workstation, a laptop or a powerful gamer PC. We understand that, so we strive to offer the best local Maui PC Repair.

Is your PC slow? Not sure why? We can figure that out and speed it up. We’ll be honest with you. Sometimes it’s cheaper to recycle computers than to fix them, and we won’t lie. Breeze Computers does not sell hardware, so you know we don’t have an agenda.

Most common local Maui PC repair and upgrades

  • Virus removal and malware cleanups
  • Reinstalling Windows and customer software
  • Memory upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrade possibly to a new SSD drive
  • Component troubleshooting
  • Replacement of cracked laptop screens
  • Replacement of water damaged motherboards
  • Data recovery from a defective PC
  • Data backup (online or to an external drive)
  • System optimization; speed up your slow Windows PC!
  • Windows upgrade
  • Software and firmware upgrades

Local Maui PC repair & upgrades are contentiously needed for a windows computer to function at it’s maximum potential. Sometimes we find out that your computer works just fine and are happy to teach you how to use the functionality you thought was defective.

Other times we determine that your windows PC is simple too old for what you still need it to do. In this case we can consult you to by another one that fits your needs and your price. Some of our favorite places on Maui to buy a new Windows computer are: Office Depot, Costco, Sears, and Walmart. Great online sources are: Newegg, TigerDirect.com, and Amazon.com Amazon seems to have the best shipping prices to Maui.

We also can repair your iPhone or Mac computer. Give us call for pricing information.