Local Maui Computer Lessons

Navigating around the OS or just using a specific Software can be a daunting task and frustrating. Although today’s user experience has improved a lot. Breeze Computers offers local Maui computer lessons. Taking a lesson for a specific task can really increase your productivity. For many people it’s a more fun experience to learn from a real person and not a boring instructional manual or a Youtube tutorial.

You just bought a brand new iMac or have an older Windows PC. Either way, you may not be using it to its maximum capacity. That is just fine, but you may have always wanted to learn on what else your computer could be used for. Breeze Computers offers local Maui computer lessons. Do you want to learn how to efficiently use iPhoto? Do you want a lesson on how to listen to free music legally? You have tons of video footage just sitting on the memory chip and would like to learn how to edit a video with iMovie.

We offer one on one or group training.  We do local Maui Computer lessons for general or specific software on the Mac or on a Windows PC. We also offer how-to’s and tips and tricks on the use of iPhone and Android devices.

maui computer lessons

We can teach you on what is OK to click and what could activate a virus. Maui computer lessons include basic Mac or PC maintenance.

Here are more topics:

  • How-to’s on using iPhoto, iTunes or iMovie
  • Converting your CD / DVD library to your computer
  • Cloud computing like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, etc.
  • Setting up a smart file structure for all your digital media
  • Introduction to the Mac world for PC users or vice versa
  • Setting up your own blog
  • Tricks on how to use Facebook or other social media
  • Setting up a reliable backup
  • Synchronizing smart phone with computer and cloud (iPhone and Android)
  • Basic maintenance of your PC or Mac
  • ..the list goes on