Cloud Computing

If you have several computers or mobile devices from which you would like to access your files cloud computing is for you. In this case you are sharing your files only with yourself but between several devices. This can be beneficial when you are on the go a lot and need to access your files from your smartphone. If you work from home a lot and need access to your office files cloud computing is the way to go.

One of the most popular online storage providers is Dropbox. This software is very easy to use and its platform independent. This means you can access your files from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The big players in the cloud computing world are:Cloud Computing

Each of the online storage providers is competing for users. They do that by offering more or less storage for free. As we know it’s not completely free, It all comes with certain “strings attached”. Sometimes you pay with your security, other times with your privacy. And sometimes they limit what file types can be stored and how much. Paying with money usually gets you the best quality storage.

Cloud computing does not just consist of online storage. Even applications and other resources can be in the cloud rather than installed on your computer. The most popular office software, MS Office 365 in its latest version, is a cloud computing service. The same goes for Google Drive formerly known as Google Docs.

Breeze Computers can help you choose the appropriate cloud service for your needs and budget.